Adam’s Answers: Try New Things

Try New Things

Trying new things can be daunting as either a kid or an adult. As a kid there are new challenges to face constantly… as grown-ups it’s so easy for us to get stuck in our ways and go with what’s comfortable, rather than disturb the equilibrium of our circumstance. (But, we all know deep down that trying new things can lead to better, cooler circumstances, right?!)

Here’s Adam’s list of new things he wants to try! For example:

  • Meditate
  • Play the zither
  • Eat Korean food
  • Travel only by foot for a week
  • Eat crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth
  • Order something different at my favorite restaurant (It’s so hard not to just get my fave dish every time!)
  • Read a book in a different genre than I usually do (I’m a sucker for mysteries and non-fiction… time for a romance?!)
  • Learn a new language
    • FOLLOW UP: Visit a country that speaks it and try to use it
  • Run an 10k race
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