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Adam’s Answers is a media brand for all styles of family.

Life happens fast! Adam’s Answers is a pause button that invites families to connect through open, honest conversation. Whether its watching a webisode, exploring the website, attending a live event, or watching our full-length series, Adam’s Answers is a multi-media brand committed to helping your family enjoy healthier, more fulfilling relationships. You’re standing at the starting line of a movement committed to building stronger, more loving families; helping all of us feel known and valued.

To ignite this movement, host Adam Mellema asks the hard questions that both kids and grown-ups should be thinking about. When explored together, , these questions deepen and strengthen relationships. Adam earnestly and whimsically maneuvers through (sometimes uncomfortable!) subject matter, helping parents and children approach their own lives more intentionally by providing families with a starting point for meaningful conversations.

Adam Mellema

Adam MellemaCreator Adam Mellema is a veteran kids TV producer and live performer who first appeared on the 1990’s television program Fast Forward. He went on to host a myriad of shows covering every topic from newspaper making, the AIDS epidemic, to the American Revolution.  Adam is a nationally celebrated storyteller with a list of appearances that include CNN, the Washington Storytellers Theatre, the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Perkins School for the Deaf and Blind in Boston, The International Day School in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Salt Lake City during the 2002 Olympics. In Washington DC, Adam created “Washington Talks!” a project that brought true stories of influential Washingtonians to the stage. The Washington Post reported “his audiences learned that even a place that famously lacks a distinctive identity is near to bursting with stories very much its own.”

Adam received a regional Emmy Award for his work on Come On Over, a kids show enjoying a life on JellyTelly and the Smile of a Child Network. For Disney Channel, Adam was a producer and writer on all 12 Disney Channel feature-length “What’s What Editions,” (akin to VH1’s pop-up video) including High School Musical, Camp Rock, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, and Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. Other credits for Disney include two seasons of music videos for Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and an episode of Phineas & Ferb featuring Kelly Osbourne. At the Hub Network, Adam’s favorite projects included the Spooksville: Freak Files web series, an Alf Marathon (hosted by Alf) and the Blossom Reunion. Adam also recently produced an original preschool series Charlie & Company for School Zone Publishing, and David Hasselhoff’s Hoff-a-thon special for AXS TV.

Adam lives in Los Angeles, a place he aspired to live while growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In his “spare time” he serves on the Foundation Board for the Los Angeles Breakfast Club and is board president emeritus for the LA-based Rogue Artists Ensemble. Adam also recycles, jogs, and dreams of learning to play the zither.


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